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Street Bikes/Harley's & Choppers

Motorcycle Cleaning Hand Wash

We Hand Wash & dry your motorcycle, clean the rims, and clean your windscreen. Car Manicure uses de-ionized water so it will not leave spots during your motorcycle cleaning, and we use compressed air to get all areas of your motorcycle clean and dry after your motorcycle wash.

Express Motorcycle Detailing Service

The Hand Motorcycle Wash plus Express Wax application to shine your motorcycle and protect the paint. A great motorcycle cleaning service!

Gold Motorcycle Detailing Service

The Hand Motorcycle Wash plus clay bar treatment to remove industrial fallout, dirt, & road dust that is not removed with just a motorcycle wash, de-greasing the lower sections with an environmentally friendly citrus based de-greaser Enviro-Clean for a green motorcycle cleaning, and finally hand waxing complete your motorcycle detailing service.

Platinum Motorcycle Detailing Service

The Gold Motorcycle Detailing service plus polishing the paint to add luster and depth to the paint finish as well as removing small scratches & swirl marks, and an upgrade to a long lasting Polymer Sealant wax for the ultimate in motorcycle cleaning services.

Motorcycle Detailing add-on: Buffing & Compounding the Paint

Add Buffing & Compounding to your mobile motorcycle detailing service for the ultimate in motorcycle cleaning and paint restoration. Buffing & compounding the paint will remove most regular oxidation and other normal wear and tear. You can add buffing to any of our mobile motorcycle cleaning packages, but it is recommend to be added to the Platinum Motorcycle Detailing Service so the polish removes any swirl marks left from compounding and buffing your motorcycles paint.

Check out our Extras page for more services to add to your motorcycle cleaning. Call or email us at Car Manicure for specific prices for you motorcycle detailing extra services.


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